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given following html

<select name="IBE1$IBE_NurFlug1$ddl_Abflughafen" id="IBE1_IBE_NurFlug1_ddl_Abflughafen" class="dropdownlist" style="width: 99%;">
<option value="Antalya;TR">Antalya</option>
<option value="Berlin;DE">Berlin</option>
<option value="Duesseldorf;DE">Duesseldorf</option>
<option value="Frankfurt;DE">Frankfurt</option>
<option value="Hamburg;DE">Hamburg</option>
<option value="Hannover;DE">Hannover</option>
<option value="Köln-Bonn;DE">Köln-Bonn</option>
<option value="Leipzig;DE">Leipzig</option>
<option value="München;DE">München</option>
<option value="Stuttgart;DE">Stuttgart</option>

How can I hide all options with ;TR in the value?

thx a lot in advance, greetings

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$("select > option[value*='TR']").remove()


Or if you know that 'TR' is always at the end, then

$("select > option[value$='TR']").remove()

Not sure how much more efficient the above is compared to searching the entire value attribute.

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Thank you. I adjusted your solution to my needs: $(function() { $('#IBE1_IBE_NurFlug1_ddl_Abflughafen > option[value*="TR"]').hide(); }); –  user168507 Jul 2 '10 at 10:23
@ceyago - Ahh yeah, I misread your requirement. remove() actually gets rid of the <option> which isn't what you wanted. Using hide() works better. –  Jason Evans Jul 2 '10 at 10:25
Ya its working fine. i have tried following. $("select > option[value$='TR']").remove() –  Amit Soni Jul 2 '10 at 10:43
As pointed here: stackoverflow.com/questions/2324250/…, WebKit ignores display:none on option tags. So you should really remove and add them as you need. –  Raúl Ferràs Oct 28 '10 at 10:30
what if i have two select ? –  s4suryapal Jun 2 at 6:11

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