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I have a Tab bar bases project (along with navigation control), inside a particular tab there is a tableViewLoaded , when i click on the table rows it shoud open another view , ie it pushes another controller , i have a view controller in the MainWindow.nib for this view also with some items like buttons labels , but whn i click it doesnt show up anythng only a blank page cums up , can any one help me out with this .

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You should generally use one view controller-per-nib file; it makes things much easier. A few things to check:

  1. Is your view controller object being created (set a break point in its init, loadView, or viewDidLoad methods)
  2. Is your view being displayed (set a breakpoint in your viewWillAppear: or viewDidAppear: methods)
  3. Is your view properly hooked up (make sure the view outlet in IB is hooked up correctly; this is a common mistake)

If your question is actually how to load a nib file that's paired with a UIViewController subclass, take a look at UIViewController's -initWithNibName:bundle: and -loadView methods.

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