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Question 1:

I wanna append a list of filenames with a sequence no. at the back to current date , e.g.





(Copy and rename only the file with latest sequence no. to another folder)

Is there any basic script that can achieve this?

Question 2

I have a list of files in the same folder which all begins with lines like:

CRM-678A      xxxxxxxxxx  xxxx
Unit: 1234     xxxxxxxxxxx xxx

I would like to rename each file into (using the above as example):


Would you please advise a way to make a batch script for the above?

Thanks a lot!

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Windows or Linux? –  Sjoerd Jul 2 '10 at 11:26
Windows cmd~ Thx! –  Paul Yu Jul 2 '10 at 11:27

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This might get you some of the way

@echo off
  for %%a in (*ALL*.txt) do call :EachFile %%a
goto :eof

  @echo %1
  set FileName=%1
  set FileName=%FileName:~0,7%
  @echo %Filename%
goto :eof  

you can use the %DATE% env variable along with stuff you would find from running "help set" on the command line to do the rest

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