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I'm on the process of designing a web application based on Google App Engine (Java) platform. I'm basically from relational database world and I'm trying to understand how to use the persistence that GAE provides.

So my questions is, in RDBMS, I can easily access my data without going through my application. i.e, I can use an SQL client to connect to my data and manipulate it. Is the same thing possible with GAE?

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Both yes and no. You can open https://appengine.google.com/ and go to "Datastore Viewer". Here is a possibility to write a GQL query. But you will not be able to operate data sets with more than 500 records and with offset >1000. Good luck!

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Install AppWrench Tools plugin for eclipse. I use it. It allows you to create/edit/delete/browse your local and production datastore entities from within eclipse.

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