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I want to pose a question such as: What is your name? Joe

How would I accomplish using Console.WriteLine to also wait for the response on that same line instead of it being broken into,

What is your name?


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Use Console.Write instead, so there's no newline written:

Console.Write("What is your name? ");
var name = Console.ReadLine();
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As Matt has said, use Console.Write. I would also recommend explicitly flushing the output, however - I believe WriteLine does this automatically, but I'd seen oddities when just using Console.Write and then waiting. So Matt's code becomes:

Console.Write("What is your name? ");
var name = Console.ReadLine();
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I've never used flush and never had any issues. While I don't discount your experience, I'd recommend against using Flush as a "just in case" helper - it adds unnecessary code. –  Chris Nov 25 '08 at 7:43
Still, I'm glad Jon added this. I'd never have known to use Flush and it's good to have this here as a reference for when people do have problems. –  Matt Hamilton Nov 25 '08 at 7:58
I've only ever had to use flush when waiting for user input without using WriteLine. It may also be OS-dependent or even .NET-framework dependent. Given that I have seen it be an issue, I think it's wise to be cautious here. –  Jon Skeet Nov 25 '08 at 8:14

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