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I have an image drawable. i rotating the image like a progress bar.

<rotate xmlns:android=""
android:pivotX="50%" android:pivotY="50%" android:fromDegrees="0"
android:toDegrees="360" android:drawable="@drawable/spinner_white_48" />

i want to increase the rotation speed? for that, What attribute i have to use?

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Set the duration and repeatCount that you want the animation to run.

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Setting duration and/or repeat count did not help me with an indeterminate ProgressBar animation. I had to increase the toDegrees to have it make additional loops:

<rotate xmlns:android=""
    android:toDegrees="1080" /> <!--1080 is 3 loops instead of 1 in same amt of time-->
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It become skips many degrees at animation repeat when we set it to a value like 0 to non-integer multiple of 360 (e.g. 540) degrees. is there a workaound for this – E B Sep 3 at 1:50
android:duration="required value in ms"
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