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I'm trying to create mail with py-appscript (AppleScript interface for python). I tried following code,

from appscript import *

mail = app('Mail')
msg = mail.make(new=k.outgoing_message,

but got following error messages, and I couldn't find out any information for that...

CommandError: Command failed:
  OSERROR: -1701
  MESSAGE: Some parameter is missing for command.
  COMMAND: app(u'/Applications/Mail.app').make('outgoing_message', with_properties={'content': 'hello', 'visible': True, 'sender': 'taichino@gmail.com', 'subject': 'appscript'})

Suggestions, please?

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Problem solved by myself, following code works fine.

from appscript import *

mail = app('Mail')
msg = mail.make(new=k.outgoing_message)
msg.to_recipients.end.make(new=k.to_recipient, with_properties={'address':'taichino@gmail.com'})

Insted of setting properties in constructor, set each property separately.

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Setting properties via the make command should work. However, you need to use keyword objects, not strings, as your keys: {k.visible:True, k.content:...}. Scriptable apps generally don't recognize string-based keys in records. See ch. 6 of the appscript manual for more info. –  has Jul 2 '10 at 22:57
Thank you very much! I checked it works great! This is what I wanted to know. –  taichino Jul 2 '10 at 23:59

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