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I am a undergrad student looking for project ideas, well first my idea was to build a application to simulate graph algorithms but my lecturer told me that it would be better if i use graph algorithms for some other simulations. eg: Traffic light

I am looking into the areas and applications that use graph algorithms, i would be very thankful if anyone could give an idea for an application using graph algorithms.and i would like to see applications using shortest path as well.

thanking you all in advance.

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Poll questions should be marked 'community wiki'. –  danben Jul 2 '10 at 14:31
How long is the project supposed to last? How many more people would be involved in your project? –  Aryabhatta Jul 2 '10 at 14:34
@Moron i have 6 months to complete the project and it's a individual project –  peedarpk Jul 3 '10 at 14:04

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analysing friendship networks from social networks like facebook or twitter

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I had a project in my algorithms class in college in which we had to use Dijkstra's algorithm to find the fastest route from point A to B on the NYC subway. We were given a data file with average wait times at stations and travel times between stations. The rest was up to us (building the graph of stations, searching it for a shortest path).

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Pick up domain area most appealing to you: List of applications of graph theory.

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In my master's project I have used minimum spanning tree to visualize connections of peers inside a cluster of a P2P network. I'm sure it was not the only way. It is interesting to visualize how peers are connected logically and geographycally.

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Part of my undergrad project involved using a minimum spanning tree to divide a set of points in a number of clusters. We modeled the problem as a graph with the nodes being points and the edges as distances between them.

Of course, by itself it does not make for a really good project. Our project, for example, was a simple pattern matching algorithm used to detect fingerprint matches. The point is, graphs can be used to model parts of a larger task. Many projects are not entirely based on graphs, but make use of graphs in parts.

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