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I dont want to select again n again the same sound to play as background in my app. How can i copy sound file into my app assigned folders/files? I can play file in the method mediaPicker:didPickMediaItems: How to save that sound file?

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MPMediaItem and MPMediaItemCollection both support NSCoding, so you should be able to serialize it and store it using NSKeyedArchiver, see the documentation. If obj is whatever object supporting NSCoding,

           NSData*data=[NSKeyedArchiver archivedDataWithRootObject:obj];

converts it to an NSData instance. Or, you can get the persistent ID MPMediaItemPropertyPersistentID of a song by

           NSNumber*persistentID=[mediaItem valueForProperty:MPMediaItemPropertyPersistentID];

and then yo ucan save the persistentID into somewhere, like NSUserDefaults.

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