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Installed DB2 on Windows Vista with Admin priviledges. Now i cannot create any new databases.. it always fails with the following error:

db2 CREATE DATABASE N3000 AUTOMATIC STORAGE YES ON 'D:\DB2' DBPATH ON 'D:\DB2' SQL0901N Die SQL-Anweisung schlug aufgrund eines nicht schwer wiegenden (nicht kritischen) Systemfehlers fehl. Nachfolgende SQL-Anweisungen können verarbeitet werden. (Ursachencode: "Length in PD=0, LFD length=1176, DMS length=1176".) SQLSTATE=58004

Any ideas how to fix this?

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in db2 directory:

c:\program files\ibm\sqllib\bin


db2set DB2_CREATE_DB_ON_PATH=YES db2stop db2start

Ready, now you create DB2 Databases in any path!!!!

look this:

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The problem was caused by an antivirus policy and was unrelated to DB2. The file "C0000000.CAT" has to be excluded.

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