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I want to include an installer created by NSIS into a Java project organized with Maven2. How can I incorporate this so that the installer is automatically built each time I use maven to create a distribution? I've tried the following: http://mojo.codehaus.org/nsis-maven-plugin/plugin-info.html

The only way I could include the plugin was by pulling down a copy of the source in svn and building my own snapshot of the codehaus plugin code. Now it tells me I need to enter the location of makensis. Problem being, the continuous integration server is running on linux. Am I SOL?

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makensis (The NSIS compiler) compiles and runs on POSIX platforms, see the NSIS documentation for more info

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The other answer helped, but as additional information for anyone who may read this-- there are precompiled versions of makensis available for linux. The package I installed is mingw32-nsis, and for fedora/redhat/centos, you can do: yum install nsis.


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