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I'm looking to find something that checks to see if we are on the 1st page of the wordpress page page.

My current page looks like this:

FEATURED POST six most recent blogs.

The problem is when I go to /page/2 I still get the featured post. I want it only to show up on the very front page.

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2 Answers 2

use get_query_var():

if(get_query_var('page')==1 && is_home()){
  // you're on the first page of the blog
} else {
  // you're either not on the blog or not on the first page of the blog

Hope that helps.

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is_home() is just what you're looking for... It returns TRUE if you're on the home page and FALSE if you're on any other page.

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Not true. is_home() tells you if you're on the main blog view, and any page of it. Wes needs to know whether he's on page 1 of the main blog view. is_home would return true on page 2 as well, so is of little use to Wes. – John P Bloch Jul 3 '10 at 13:40

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