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I have column OFF_SAT_COMP.LINKACCT and OFF_SAT_COMP.COUNTRY. I am trying to add the values of these two columns in a given row together, but when I do so as follows:


It is concatenating rather than returning the sum of the two column values. e.g. It is returning 500300 where I want 800. How can I force it to use addition and not read the sign as concatenation? I'm guessing its auto-flipping to concatenation b/c one of the columns is returning as a string rather than an integer - but they are both truly integers (yes, this database is screwed up - no, I can't fix it...legacy/third-party).

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How is it possible that SQL Server interprets int column value to a varchar? I think, that is the question here that I would like answer for :) – shahkalpesh Jul 2 '10 at 18:52
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You simply need to cast the non-integer values

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Cast one of the columns to integer

Select column1 + cast(column2 as integer) from table

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