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I have a table in a MySQL table with a fieldname 'product', and want to rename it to 'ds-product'.

The CMS type system I am using uses the id of formfields as the name of the table field to insert into.

For most this works fine, but for a particular field it prepends 'ds-' to whatever ID I give it, so I must make the table field name match.

However, when trying to do a query I get the error that

Unknown column 'sales.ds' in 'field list'

Is there any way I can have a field called ds-product?

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It is possible, but you don't want to do this because you'll have to enclose that table name in the proper quoting character for your database every single time. Have you considered using an underscore instead? –  Charles Jul 2 '10 at 19:40
@Charles: your comment should have been an answer –  just somebody Jul 2 '10 at 19:47
@Charles: +1, non-standard column names should be a last resort for the reason you just stated. –  OMG Ponies Jul 2 '10 at 19:47
I've found that "don't do that" answers don't always go over well. –  Charles Jul 3 '10 at 1:07
While knowing the reasons it is a bad idea are good, and educational, it would do nothing to solve my actual issue. Knowing that it is possible and how to use it is a better answer, because then I can see if I can apply that solution to my problem, and if it is worth it or not. –  Jacob Jul 3 '10 at 3:21

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Yes, you can use punctuation, white space, international characters, and SQL reserved words if you use delimited identifiers:

SELECT * FROM `my-table`;

In MySQL, use the back-ticks. In standard SQL, use double-quotes.

Or if you use MySQL you can set the ANSI_QUOTES SQL mode:

SELECT * FROM "my-table";
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I don´t actually have access to the query which gets used. Is there any way to have a field called ds-product and have it used in a standard query? –  Jacob Jul 2 '10 at 19:48
No, the hyphen is an operator, and you can't use that in the middle of an identifier. What if you also had columns ds and product? Then ds-product would be an arithmetic expression: one column minus the other column. SQL supports delimited identifiers so you can resolve this ambiguity. FWIW, I don't know any other programming language that would allow this at all! –  Bill Karwin Jul 2 '10 at 19:59
Aye, thanks bill. –  Jacob Jul 2 '10 at 20:29

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