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i am using debian. running my program with time command and want the result of time written to a file, doing as follows:

time ./myprog > out.asc

./myprog's output is written to out.asc but not the time's result. is there any way to send the time's output also to out.asc? thanx!

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time always writes to stderr. To save this with bash, use 2>&1 to write to the same place as stdout (you need the parentheses so you get the stderr of time and not just the stderr of myprog):

(time ./myprog) > out.asc 2>&1

You could also have the timing information go to a separate file:

(time ./myprog) > out.asc 2> timing_info
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Try (time ./myprog) >out.asc 2>&1

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