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I have a complex expression calculating a value from a date that I have to use on multiple date columns.
Can I define a temporary local function in my query to avoid copy and pasting this expression. ?


create MyLocalFunc(@ADate datetime) 
returns int as

  MyLocalFunc(col1), col2, MyLocalFunc(col3), col4, MyLocalFunc(col5)

As a workaround, I know I can do a CREATE FUNCTION // DROP FUNCTION, but I'd prefer avoid it.

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No, there is no way -- create/drop is the only choice.

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SQL Server supports anonymous blocks by putting the query(ies) inside a BEGIN/END block, but I haven't been able to find an example where someone defined a function within it. Oracle's had the functionality for a while...

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No, not locally. But you can create a UDF in the database that doesn't have to actually access any data to do its calculation.

Why not make it a permanent UDF?

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