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When I develop a Windows Forms app in Visual Studio using C#, every control that I add to my form is by default marked as private, which is what I want.

When using VB.NET, every control is by default marked as Friend (the equivalent of internal in C#), which is not what I want.

Can I just change this default? It seems like surely it's a setting somewhere.

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Annoying, isn't it.

What I usually do is when the form is stable, I replace Friend WithEvents to Private then add WithEvents to the controls that have Handles clauses.

Yes, you would think there was a setting, but I never found it.

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Looks like neither of us could find it. I'm accepting this answer now; maybe someday someone will come along and show us both what we've been missing ;) –  Dan Tao Jul 22 '10 at 14:47

This was suggested to Microsoft, but they chose not to fix it.

[Sorry, posting this as an answer because I don't have enough points to add comments.]

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