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Ok, so I am creating an iTunes overlay for a client. My question is, with a given index, how am I able to move the displayed cells/cells in a row to a specific entry in the table view, programatically.

In other words, replicating iTunes when you are on a playlist it jumps in its table view to the next song if the table view (strictly the playlist) has enough entries in it to warrant this jump!

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See NSTableView's -scrollRowToVisible:.

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you are a star, do not know how I missed it, thank you for the quick reply! –  James Hartt Jul 2 '10 at 21:07
:-) Don't forget to tip your waitress (by voting/marking as answered) if it worked for you. –  Joshua Nozzi Jul 2 '10 at 21:15
yeah, the method worked just fine, just need to get my index variable in correctly, which is turning out to be the issue now...! –  James Hartt Jul 2 '10 at 21:38
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