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I have installed the portable git version on my flash drive, but I don't want my repository to be in the same directory as the program. I can get to the directory using:

$ git -- git-dir=../Gits --work-tree=..Gits

But I don't want to enter that every time. So I found in this article on the gitconfig file. But it only shows how to set the core.worktree


Set the path to the root of the work tree. This can be overridden by the GIT_WORK_TREE environment variable and the --work-tree command line option. It can be an absolute path or a relative path to the .git directory, either specified by --git-dir or GIT_DIR, or automatically discovered. If --git-dir or GIT_DIR are specified but none of --work-tree, GIT_WORK_TREE and core.worktree is specified, the current working directory is regarded as the root of the work tree.

Note that this variable is honored even when set in a configuration file in a ".git" subdirectory of a directory, and its value differs from the latter directory (e.g. "/path/to/.git/config" has core.worktree set to "/different/path"), which is most likely a misconfiguration. Running git commands in "/path/to" directory will still use "/different/path" as the root of the work tree and can cause great confusion to the users.

I have tried these settings to no avail.

  worktree = ../Gits
  gitdir = ../Gits

Does anyone know a way to set the git-dir and work-tree directories for PortableGit- for Windows so I don't have to type that in all the time?

Also is there a way to add the passphrase so I don't have to type that in either? I saw these instructions, but the portable version apparently doesn't have a ~/.profile or ~/.bashrc file.

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how to download portable github? PLease help.. – Ashok Raj Sep 6 '12 at 15:08
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Why would any git repo in the same directory than your portable installation?

As long as your %PATH% reference your portable Git/cmd directory, you can just type 'git whatever' in your Git repo anywhere, and the working directory and git directory will be at their default places.

And any Git version has access to ~/.profile or ~/.bashrc: open a Git bashrc, and type cd, then pwd: the path displayed is your '~'.
Then, if you have no .profile or .bashrc yet, create one, put it it a simple echo (echo .profile in the .profile file, 'echo .bashrc' in the .bashrc), open another Git bashrc and check if your .profile/.bashrc are activated.

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Ahhh ok, I see now, I got the directory situation worked out thanks! And I found that my ~ is located in my c:\Documents and Settings\[user] directory. So if I take my flash drive to a friend's machine, I won't have these settings? Is there any way to point the ~ to my flash drive? – Mottie Jul 2 '10 at 22:50
@fudgey: maybe (not tested) by setting explicitly a HOME environment variable to the right path before opening any Git bash. – VonC Jul 2 '10 at 22:58
LOL Sorry, I have no clue when it comes to batch file programming, but you've answered my initial questions so I'll give you credit and worry about using the flash drive later :) – Mottie Jul 2 '10 at 23:25

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