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I want to perform a special query on a table in my oracle database.

I want the result to be sorted according to an enum that I have.

the enum goes as follows:

private enum days
    Saturday = 1,

I want the result to be sorted according to this enum.

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This sounds more like a SQL question; The following reference may be helpful:

The brute-force method is to use a case statement in your SQL; the equivallent to your snippet of code is:

SELECT CASE WHEN field1 = 'Saturday' then 1
            WHEN field1 = 'Sunday' then 2
            WHEN field1 = 'Monday' then 3
            END as dateval,
       field1 as datedisplay
  FROM table1

The DECODE SQL function also works as well, but I like CASE because it's easier to read and avoid typos or mistakes.

If you have more information from your date values, I suggest to keep your date values intact in your database fields as a DATE data type. If you need to find out the day of the week, using the reference above, you can simply cast your date value as a character string representing the correct, corresponding day of the week value.

to test:

SELECT to_char(SYSDATE, 'DAY') as day_of_week
  FROM dual;


(or whatever day of the week is local to your system)

Keep in mind that whatever is returned from the to_char function is case sensitive. This should work on all editions of Oracle, including Oracle-XE.

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