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Can anyone tell me why the second cast fails to compile in Delphi 7?

  WebBrowser: TWebBrowser;
  WebBrowser := TWebBrowser.Create(Self);
  TWinControl(WebBrowser).Parent := Self;
  (WebBrowser as TWinControl).Parent := Self; // fail here

Parent in TWebBrowser is a read-only IDispatch property, but why does the first cast see the TWinControl parent property ok but the second one does not?


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The first cast use no checking, it assumes the programmer is right and goes on. The second cast uses some sanity checking. (Causes an exception if the cast is invalid). I think in this case, the compiler got confused because of the like named properties. It could even be an overenthousiastic optimizer.

At least,

  wc : TWinControl;
  wc := (WebBrowser as TWinControl);
  wc.Parent := Self;

Works. So there is a circumvention.

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