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I have a table view managed by a NSFetchedResultsController. I am using the Apple-provided boilerplate code in my TableViewController. My predicate retrieves objects based on their name. Everything seems to work fine when it comes to adding/deleting objects using the 'edit' button. If I programmatically change an object's name, things also work fine unless the name change results in the object moving up the table, in which case I get this error:

Serious application error. An exception was caught from the delegate of NSFetchedResultsController during a call to -controllerDidChangeContent:. * -[NSMutableArray objectAtIndex:]: index 1 beyond bounds [0 .. 0] with userInfo (null)

Say I have three objects named A, C and D. If I rename D to B then the app crashes. If I rename C to B, everything is cool.

What's going on here?

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Use of Deusty's SafeFetchedResultsController subclass of NSFetchedResultsController can help deal with tricky row update and move operations that trip up Apple's class, causing these exceptions.

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This doesn't seem to have helped :( but thanks for the suggestion. I have decided to simply reload the tableView whenever content changes (I never have more than 7 or 8 rows anyway...) – Garry Jul 3 '10 at 12:22
SafeFetchedResultsController does fix a lot of issues, but not all unfortunately. Changing to use reloadData instead of the animations seem to fix most everything though. – Sam Soffes Jun 30 '11 at 23:26

The error message states that the exception originated in your code, and that you called objectAtIndex: with an invalid index. It looks like you are removing the object from your array, then trying to retrieve it before inserting it back into the array.

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