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  <a4j:support event="onmouseover"
    reRender="reponse" />

I would like that when the user hovers with the mouse the different values in the combo, a new description of the product appears in :

   value="#{ChoixContratBean.descriptionFormuleSelected}" />

No event is triggered when the mouse hovers the richfaces combo values; instead, the event that is triggered is the simple mouseover on the combo itself.

What must I to do have the values receive the event trigger?

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value="#{ChoixContratBean.selectedFormule"} looks like it has a typo (should be }" not "}), but I don't think that's the issue. Also, if you format your code nicely, you increase your chances at getting a response. Nobody wants to read oddly indented code. –  Dave Jarvis Feb 25 '11 at 0:00

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