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I have this in my installer and I need to change the name of the ini file.

Filename: {app}\bin\old.ini; Section: Data; Key: key; String: Value;

If I just change the filename it will create another ini file and I'll lose the data.

Is there some easy way to rename this ini file in the installer?

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I think you should use RenameFile() in [CODE] section instead, since you know where the ini file is.

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Just being more verbose about PhiLho's answer:

In the [INI] section of the installer, just change everything to the new .ini file, then in the code rename the old file in the ssInstall step like this:

procedure CurStepChanged(CurStep: TSetupStep);
  OldFile: string;
  if CurStep = ssInstall then
    OldFile := ExpandConstant('{app}\old.ini');
    if FileExists(OldFile) then
      RenameFile(OldFile, ExpandConstant('{app}\new.ini'));

It works as expected because the ssInstall occurs before the [INI] section, so when the installer tries to create the new .ini file the old one will be already renamed and it will just update any entries if necessary.

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