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I tried installing Windows Azure SDK on Windows 7 Professional, with IIS 7.5, but failed. The system says,et

"To use this software you should enable windows internet information services 7.0 with Asp.Net support.See the product release notes for details"

I also got into framework 4.0 from the commmand prompt and ran aspnetregiis -i , but still it didn't work.

Help Appreciated.

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You might try installing via the Web Platform Installer (start at That does a good job of determining what (if any) dependencies you're missing.

If that doesn't help, try posting this over on the Windows Azure forum on MSDN ( There the Windows Azure support folks can help.

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It probably isn't IIS that is the issue. You may need to enable ASP.NET in your IIS.

Read how to enable ASP.NET in IIS 7.5 for Windows Azure SDK here.

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