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i am using vb.net and access. in which i have one field in which i have saved only the path of that image. Now i want to display that image in crystal report dynamic.so what should i do? i want to fetch the image path in crystal report and display in it.

please try to show me a code so i can identify

reply me soon


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Don't use physical paths with CR directly. Store your image in a datatable or in a binary field of your database and show that.

Here is a code project solution that uses datatables:


It's simple, C# and a little old, but I think you get the trick.

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This works in the more recent version of Crystal Reports (i'm using XI R2)

  • From the Insert Tools toolbar select Insert Picture and insert any old picture in your report.
  • Right click on the image and select Format Graphic
  • On the Picture tab select the 'formular button' next to Graphic Location
  • From the Formula Workshop you should be able to select the database column that contains your file path.

When you preview the report it should dynamicly load the images for each record.

Edit I've found this link, it maybe useful.

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+1 for referencing my posting. –  craig Jul 6 '10 at 17:19

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