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i friends i am working on simple php template engine here is some code can someboady help me to add files including function like %include.sidebar.html% and loop functions so i can run loops or tell me some other simple php template engine


class Template {

private $template, $vars;

public function SetTemplete($tempname) {
    $templatePathAndName  = $tempname;
        $this->template = file_get_contents($templatePathAndName);
        die("Template not found... aborting...");

public function setVar($var, $content) {
    $this->vars[$var] = $content;

public function replaceAll() {
  foreach($this->vars as $var => $content) {
    $this->template = str_replace("{" . strtoupper($var). "}", $content, $this->template);

public function publish() {
    echo $this->template;

public function includeFile(){
  foreach($this->vars as $var => $content) {
    $this->template = str_replace("<-" . strtoupper($var). "->", 

$tpl = new Template;
$tpl->setVar("SITE_NAME", "Simple Template Class2");


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You could use Smarty, but php itself is a templating language. Why replace it?

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Thank you, VERY solid points. –  Jage Jul 6 '10 at 23:02

I use Smarty.

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TinyButStrong is ar rather good but still small engine.

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While slightly less lightweight, Twig is a powerful template engine with extremely simple syntax.

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idea, not really formated for your class:

    $glob1 = glob("templates/$template/*");
    for($1=0;$i<=count($glob1)-1;$i++) {
        $file = $glob1[$i];
        $file = str_replace('templates/', '', $file);
        $template = str_replace('%include.$file%', (include("templates/$file")), $template();

really hope that helps.

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