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When a web application running and on close the browser window then which event raise?

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onunload is the event raised when closing the browser window.

How ever this event isn't fired only when closing the browser, that's just one case.

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you also can't depend on it 100% of the time. If the browser crashes then it won't be sent. – tloach Nov 25 '08 at 11:27
@tloach: if the browser crashes your options are limited – orip Nov 25 '08 at 11:44

The web browser doesn't send any notification to the web server when the user closer the window.

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You may also be interested in onbeforeunload.

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See my answer at the thread pointed by Diodeus: basically, you cannot... Lot of browsers just no longer fire onbeforeunload and/or onunload. And even when they do, it is hard to distinguish between page reload, page jump and browser/window/tab closing.

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