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I need to integrate shibboleth in my application. My application is .net web application. May I know how to do this one? I have a separate server (ubuntu server) in which shibboleth idp and sp installed with apache configuration.

I made lot of search on this. but I can't able to get the correct information for this one Can anyone suggest me some url or point what i need do to get it work?

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You could implement (Windows Identity Foundation) WIF in your ASP.NET Web App.

If you have Active Directory Federation Services (which basically make Active Directory speak SAML2 protocol and WS-Federation protocol), you can have ASP.NET with WIF trusting (thru WS-Federation) ADFS V2, trusting (thru SAML 2 protocol) Shibboleth. You can find additional information in these posts. You can find sample screen shots with SharePoint instead of ASP.NET in this post (sorry it's in French). A white paper explains how to implement.

If you don't have Active Directory and ADFS V2, you may want to use SAML2 protocol extension for WIF and this thread may help.

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Similar to : Single Sign on using Shibboleth

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