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In the SQLMembershipProvider source for ASP.NET membership, there is a custom exception, MembershipPasswordException.

The definition of it is not part of the source, but when I do a goto definition on it, it opens the definition, which indicates: [from metatdata] and the file it came from is a dll, system.web.dll from a temporary directory.

How did that get there or was it part of the msi install that the toolkit provider came with?

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When using Reflector I saw that it's directly in the System.Web.Security namespace. When you take a look at the code and Visual Studio notices it's already in an assembly it knows about and you digg deeper on it it'll open it's metadata.

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Both SqlMembershipProvider and MembershipPasswordException are part of the System.Web assembly and live in the System.Web.Security namespace. Microsoft just didn't include the MembershipPasswordException in the source code that comes with the toolkit.

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I'm guessing that the source/cs file came with the provider toolkit? If I mouse over the tab, and go to the source directory indicated by it, the file has the same timestamp as the time I installed the toolkit. I wonder why it's in the temp directory and not part of the source project? And how does VS know where to go to to retrieve it? I guess the msi install added a reference somewhere. –  Steve Jul 3 '10 at 17:16

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