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How do I sort this:

arr = ["aaa","aa","aaaa","a","aaaaa"];

Into this?

arr = ["a","aa","aaa","aaaa","aaaaa"];
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arr = arr.sort_by {|x| x.length}

Or in 1.8.7+:

arr = arr.sort_by(&:length)
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Sorry for commenting on such an old post, but could you explain what &:length is and why it works? Is it calling the method length? What is the significance of & ? – Dan R Jun 17 '15 at 13:59
@DanR Yes, it's calling the method length on every item yielded by sort_by - exactly like the first line. The prefix & operator converts an object (specifically a Proc object or any object that has a to_proc method, which symbol objects do) to a block. In case of symbols that will be a block that calls the method with the given name on its argument (as that's how Symbol#to_proc is defined). – sepp2k Jun 17 '15 at 14:20

You can also use sort:

arr.sort{|x, y| x.length <=> y.length}
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arr = arr.sort{|x,y| x.length - y.length} works too.

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