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I would like to tag a changeset in Mercurial to 'Distribution 1.0'. Unfortunatly I cannot find a command line command for creating a tag with a space in it's name.
When I use hg tag -m "Distribution 1.0" (double quotes) I get the help for the hg tag command indicating that I have an error.
When I use hg tag -m 'Distribution 1.0' a tag with the name 1.0' (single quotes) is created.

I know some tools don't like spaces alltogether, but if I edit my .hgtags file I can create a tag with a space.

Anybody knows how to do this?

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Use hg tag "Distribution 1.0". The -m option provides the message for the commit that creates the tag, so you can use both: hg tag "Distribution 1.0" -m "Distribution 1.0".

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