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I changed my project to use maven2 (from just plain eclipse dynamic web project) and now I can't do Debug As > Debug on Server (JBoss).

Previously I can just do Debug As > Debug on Server (JBoss) and Eclipse will happily copy the war file into jboss deploy directory and I can debug etc.

Now it seems like eclipse just don't recognize the maven2 project and therefore cannot package the war file? I have to deploy it manually using the command line mvn war:war and copy the war file to deploy directory.

What can I do to make Eclipse understand mvn project so I can just do Debug As > Debug on Server?

Eclipse 3.5

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Use m2eclipse (and the extra Maven Integration for WTP). Once installed, Import... your webapp project as Existing Maven Projects and it will get imported as a dynamic web project.

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It's always there for me, I just didnt see it. Thanks! – portoalet Jul 4 '10 at 15:24

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