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How do you load a picture into smalltalk? I have found several examples of how to display an image once it is a class resource, but can't find a way to import the picture into my smalltalk environment. (I use the word picture to avoid confusion with the smalltalk image)

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One possibility for Squeak/Pharo would be:

HandMorph attach: (SketchMorph fromStream:
        asUrl retrieveContents contentStream).
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To load an image as a class resource, the following code should be executed in the workspace.

ImageReader imageFromFile: 'picture.bmp' 
    toClass: Namespace.MyClass selector: #AccessMethod

where 'picture.bmp' is the image file you want to load, NameSpace.MyClass is the class you want the file to be a resource to, AccessMethod is the name of the method called to return the picture.

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