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I'm trying to draw a prism and animate it with CoreAnimation. But I can't find a good solution to draw the fan of rainbow colors.


There a a couple of ways to do that, each of them has disadvantages:

  • I could simply use an image. But I allow the user to zoom into the scene and I'd like to avoid any artefacts.
  • Using a CAGradientLayer produces a nice rainbow. Unfortunately there is now skew (or squeeze) transformation available to transform the rectangular rainbow into a triangle.
  • A simple skew effect of the layer can be obtained by modifying the m34 matrix element of the layer's transform matrix. But I wasn't able to obtain a triangle shape (because the layer would have to be of infinite size).
  • OpenGL. That'll work, but maybe there's a simpler way.

Any suggestions?

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You can achieve any kind of quadrilateral by modifying transform property of CALayer. AGGeometryKit has some nice tools to make CATransform3D for a quad.

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