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  1. Is there any semantic difference between ToXXXX conversion methods and AsXXXX conversion methods in the .NET framework?

    Examples of such methods are Object.ToString and Enumerable.AsEnumerable<T>.

  2. If no: Are there still recommendations when to name a conversion method AsXXXX and when to name it ToXXXX?

    If yes: Is there a .NET framework design guideline / FxCop style rule for this?

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If method returns the same instance but casted to another type, use AsXXX method. If method consntructs new instance of unrelated type using object data, use ToXXX method.

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The same thing has been mentioned in the book "Linq in Action". –  matrix Jul 3 '10 at 22:19
What also helps me choose between x.AsY() and x.ToY() is that with the former, modifications to either x or the object returned by x.AsY() might affect the other, while with x.ToY(), both the original and the derived object can be modified independently from each other. –  stakx Jun 24 '14 at 7:55

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