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I wanted to know if its possible to emit some specific signal through coding .. For example, I want to emit another button's clicked event without the user actually clicking that button .. can do I do this ?

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You could call that other button's click function. It will emit the clicked signal.

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Instead of emitting the signal by yourself and connecting it to the slot, why cant you call the slot directly? Slots are just like other C++ functions, in the sense that you can call it directly. I don't see any reason where you have emit a predefined signal (like clicked()). Just call your slot directly.

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Sometimes you would like to access the sender() in the slot. That doesn't work when invoking the slot directly – Ben Jul 16 '15 at 10:04

Qt, throught the moc, implement the emit keyword, that allow you to emit signals throught coding.

If the Class that you are using doesn't provide a method for emit some signal, you can Subclass it, and implement a function that does it yourself. But I must say that I had never done this for "normal" signals. Only did it when I defined my own signals in some class extension.

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Signals are internally implemented as C++ protected member functions, so I'd advise against doing so. (They are public in Qt 5, though it's still not recommended as a general solution.)

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to emit a signal you just write

emit signalName(param list);

#include <QObject>

 class myClass : public QObject

     myClass (QObject *parent = 0) : QObject(parent) { }
     void foo();

     void mySignal(int param);

void myClass::foo() { emit mySignal(5); }

read more at http://doc.qt.io/qt-4.8/signalsandslots.html

you can also connect a signal to another signal so you can connect mysignal to the buttons clicked signal and when your signal is emited the clicked signal will also be emited see http://doc.qt.io/qt-4.8/qobject.html#connect

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