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what UI elements to I need to create a boxed section like the related section on this page with a 3px wide border and a light grey background? UILabels and what else? are UILabels clickable?

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You could try a UIButton with a custom background image for a single link.

If you wanted more than one link you could use a 9 slice UIImage for the background and UIButtons for each item with no background image set?

Or a UIView for the background with the border with and color set for it's layer if you just want a very simple rectangular grey border? i.e.

[[[self view] layer] setBorderColor:[[UIColor greyColor] CGColor]];

Or, you could use a UIWebView styling it with CSS with each line a href, grabbing the links in the UIWebView's delegate with a custom URL format for each link.

Personally, I'd use the UIView's layer borderColor properties etc to style a background and then use UIButtons for each link, then use a UIImage if I needed the background to be more complicated. I find a web view overkill for something like this.

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