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I am setting a validation rule on a series of textboxes. I'd rather not create a new instance of my custom validation rule for each TextBox...

  <my:IsIntegerRule x:Key="IsIntegerRule"/>


      <Binding XPath="@num" UpdateSourceTrigger="PropertyChanged" Mode="TwoWay">

            <-- WHAT IS THE EQUIVALENT OF WRITING: {StaticResource IsIntegerRule} here -->


Can anyone help?

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You can use the normal property element syntax for markup extensions. See Markup Extensions and WPF XAML. It looks like this:

    <StaticResource ResourceKey="IsIntegerRule"/>
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Thanks @Quartermeister, once I placed this in my code I got an error saying Invalid type in XAML editor. However it work like charm. –  Elangesh Jan 4 '12 at 11:22

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