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I configured facebook connect on my app (localhost) and everything works fine. I can log in / logout. The only thing I was not able to do is move the file xd_receiver.htm in a subfolder. Everything works when it's at the root, but if I try to move it in, lets say, the facebook_connect subfolder, I get this error :

The Facebook Connect cross-domain receiver URL ( must have the application's Connect URL ( as a prefix. You can configure the Connect URL in the Application Settings Editor.

I've changed the connect URL in my facebook app settings to :

Is that because I'm on my localhost?

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No. It's because your code that references xd_receiver still points to the old location. Double check that your code is consistent about its location.

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Well, Everything seemed OK but the I didn't see that you can change the parameter "onlogin" in the "fb:login-button" tag.

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