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I'm trying to determine if a match, or matches exist within an array based on a pattern,

an example of the array:

    [author_id] => 1
    [channel_id] => 1
    [site_id] => 1
    [entry_id] => 6
    [url_title] => test_title_with_file2
    [title] => Test Title with file
    [field_id_1_directory] => 1
    [field_id_4_directory] => 1
    [submit] => Submit
    [entry_date] => 1278219110

I'd like to identify that the field_id_x_directory key, or keys exist, and if they do, loop over each one and run a function that would use the 'x' as a variable.

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foreach (array_keys($arr) as $k) {
    if (preg_match('/^field_id_(\\d+)_directory$/', $k, $matches)) {
        //do sth with $arr[$k] and $matches[1]
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Thank you so much :) I'll accept the answer in a couple of minutes when I am allowed to! –  iain Jul 4 '10 at 5:26

A better alternative would be:

function preg_grep_keys( $pattern, $input, $flags = 0 )
$keys = preg_grep( $pattern, array_keys( \$input ), \$flags );
$vals = array();
foreach ( $keys as $key )
    $vals[$key] = $input[$key];
return $vals;
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  $input = array (
  'hello stackoverflow'=>1,
  'hello world',
  'foo bar bas'=>4
$matches  = preg_grep ('/^hello$/i', array_keys($input));
 echo $input[$matches[0]];

will return 2

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