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I'm making a simple Image Debugger Visualizer. Code is below. I'm not sure if i need to manually dispose of the Image instance? Because i'm making a windows Form window and the PictureBox inside that contains my dynamic image .. do i need to add some special code when the form is terminating, to dispose of this?

here's the code..

using System.Diagnostics;
using System.Drawing;
using System.Windows.Forms;
using Microsoft.VisualStudio.DebuggerVisualizers;
using DebuggerVisualizers;

[assembly: DebuggerVisualizer(
    typeof (ImageDebuggerVisualizer),
    typeof (VisualizerObjectSource),
    Target = typeof (Image),
    Description = "Image Visualizer")]

namespace DebuggerVisualizers
    public class ImageDebuggerVisualizer : DialogDebuggerVisualizer
        protected override void Show(IDialogVisualizerService windowService, IVisualizerObjectProvider objectProvider)
            Image image = (Image) objectProvider.GetObject();
            Form form = new Form
                               Text = ("Image Visualizer - " + image.HorizontalResolution + " " + image.VerticalResolution),
                               Width = image.Width,
                               Height = image.Height

            PictureBox pictureBox = new PictureBox {Image = image, SizeMode = PictureBoxSizeMode.AutoSize};

thanks for any help :)

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Change your Show method to this:

protected override void Show(IDialogVisualizerService windowService,
    IVisualizerObjectProvider objectProvider)        
    Image image = (Image) objectProvider.GetObject();
    using (Form form = new Form())
        PictureBox pictureBox = new PictureBox();    
        pictureBox.Image = image;        

The using(){} block will call Dispose on the form after it closes, which will dispose of everything on the form also.

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So the form dialog will not terminate when we leave the scope of the SHOW method (or more importantly, leave the scope of the USING block? – Pure.Krome Nov 26 '08 at 1:52
The form will be closed but still around after the ShowDialog() call. The using(){} block will call Dispose on the form, so it will be gone outside the scope of the block (along with anything on it that needs to be disposed). – MusiGenesis Nov 26 '08 at 3:05
cheers! works great! – Pure.Krome Nov 26 '08 at 12:23

The picture box control does not dispose of the image, so this is up to you, yes.

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System.Drawing.Image implements IDisposable so you should call dispose on it. – Matt Lacey Nov 25 '08 at 14:15
Ok .. so what is the override i'll need for when a form is destroyed? – Pure.Krome Nov 25 '08 at 14:20

Um, I'm going to go out on a limb here and say you shouldn't dispose of it.

I never created a visualizer, and I don't exactly know Visual Studio does this, but it seems to me that if you dispose of an object in a visualizer, you might break the code you're debugging.

It all comes down to this line:

Image image = (Image) objectProvider.GetObject();

If that object isn't a clone, then you will be disposing the object created by the code that's being debugged. The code won't be expecting that object to be suddenly disposed, and S will hit the fan, causing you at least to have to restart your debugging.

I'd play it safe and NOT dispose of it. Think about it--you're debugging. That's not a long lived process. If you do leak a bitmap handle, its not the end of the world...

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I don't think the OQ is suggesting disposing of the image immediately, which would be a big problem. He's talking about whether to explicitly dispose of the created PictureBox when the form closes. – MusiGenesis Nov 25 '08 at 14:42
Correct MusiGenesis – Pure.Krome Nov 26 '08 at 1:51

I think you should dispose it. It should be quite easy, just add a using() at the first line of your method (around the Image image = ... line) and end it after the form.ShowDialog().

I think it is safe to dispose the image, for if you want to change the visualized object you must call one of the TransferData/TranferObject/ReplaceDat/ReplaceObject methods to send it back.

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