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I am working on the notpadv1 tutorial. I get an error from the parser as soon as I create a new xml file called note_row.xml and put in the following code: The error is at the end of the file. It says: multiple annotations found at this line premature end of file error parsing XML:no element found

I also see the following error in the console: [2010-07-04 05:34:32 - Notepadv1] Error in an XML file: aborting build.

I am following the instructions in step 5 of the following url: http://developer.android.com/resources/tutorials/notepad/notepad-ex1.html

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Can you post the XML? What happens when you copy and paste the XML from the website into Eclipse? –  Michael Jul 4 '10 at 14:05

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You have a bug in one of your XML resource files, such as a layout. It is impossible to say, from the error information you have shown here, where exactly your problem lies. There should be a line prior to the one you show in the console that would explain to you which file has a problem and what the problem is. If not, examine your files in Eclipse and look for warning or error squiggles.

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Thanks. The issue was with the file type. I created a regular file, while I needed a xml file. Instead of file > new , I used file > new > other then selected xml. That fixed it. I need to be able to make better sense of the error messages. If you can suggest a document, or tutorial I would greatly appreciate it.

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This is a weird error, yet not able to find the rootCause. But whenever this happens,

I cut my xml code from file, save it; Then paste whole code back in file, and save it again. Error goes away. I don't even consider this a solution. But it works.

A link to THIS THREAD may help.

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