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Why this code throws a System.NotSupportedException telling that The specified method 'int? DateDiff(string, DateTime?, DateTime?)' on the type 'System.Data.Objects.SqlClient.SqlFunctions' cannot be translated into a LINQ to Entities store expression, though DateDiff has EdmFunction attribute?

context.Users.Where(f => System.Data.Objects.SqlClient.SqlFunctions.DateDiff("second", f.LastLogOn, somedatetime) < 0)
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Here is a complete enumeration of canonical Date and Time functions supported by Entity SQL query provider link.

Try something like this

context.Users.Where(f=>EntityFunctions.DiffSeconds(f.LastLogOn, somedatetime)<0);
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Thanks for answer, but this is SqlCe not Sql Server, it does not support any compare functions other than DateDiff. –  Parsa Jul 7 '10 at 6:48
As far as I understand this function will be translated into DateDiff. Give it a try :) –  Yury Tarabanko Jul 7 '10 at 7:52

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