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I'm making a "back-end" engine of HomeCAD. I have a facade class that do many things. But should I separate data (like array of object) from that class? Many thanks

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Not entirely clear on what you are asking here - any class will require some data structures to work.

From the wikipedia page on Facade:

A facade is an object that provides a simplified interface to a larger body of code

You can see that the definition is rather loose, so in my opinion a facade can have data structures, so long as it simplifies the use of your other code.

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Usually, a Facade class will simplify related code, for example, creating a simple class that groups together a sub system such as data adapters. If the purpose of your Facade is to simplify data access for a subsystem, you should not separate data from that class.

Note-- one example of a subsystem that comes to mind is having a library of data adapters that belong to several different data bases and have their own data sets.

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