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At the moment I'm using Selenium-Flex to write functional tests for a video playback app.

At the moment, I need to test that the app behaves appropriately when switched to fullscreen mode - make sure that the control bar is in a reasonable spot, the video resizes appropriately, etc., and of course to do that I need an automated way to make Flash Player go fullscreen.

For good reason, Flash's security features prevent being able to fullscreen except in response to user input. Actual user input, a javascript callback being called does not count.

Is there any way to disable this security feature on my test rig, so I can actually run my automated tests on fullscreen mode? Barring that, is there any way to put Flash into fullscreen mode externally, so I can hack it up to work that way?

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might be a bit of a stretch, but maybe you could start a Sikuli script just for pressing the fullscreen button ? – George Profenza Dec 12 '10 at 21:20

You can use AutoIT.

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What does AutoIT, why do you recommend it? Please give some additional info about it and your answer will be much more richer. – Emre Erkan Nov 22 '12 at 22:33

use autoit to write the script and then use MouseClick method in your script to press the specific button:

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