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How can I use Resharper without adding the Resharper generated files to the TFS server. Is there some sort of .ignore file/setting I can let the TFS maintainer modify. Or is it done client-side? We're using TFS 2008, but will be upgrading to TFS 2010 in the near future.

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Are you talking about the .resharper files (which you do want in version control), or the _ReSharper.SolutionName directories (which you don't)? –  Joe White Jul 14 '10 at 23:13

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We're using TFS 2008 and I have found that it doesn't add the resharper files by default, so unless you are explicitly selecting them in Source Control Explorer when doing a checkin you shouldn't have any worries.

The resharper folder will start with and underscore (ex. _Resharper YourProject) and I believe TFS knows to ignore those folders.

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For some reason my TFS wanted to add all the _Resharper files, so I just right clicked on the _Resharper folder in Source Control Explore and selected "Undo Pending Changes":

enter image description here

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