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I've written an iPhone app that uses CocoaHttpServer to share the Documents/ folder of the app. This works very well, and I can list the files over WiFi from my Windows machine using a browser. (eg. ). The only downside is that users have to save the file from the browser before they can actually use it.

But what I would like to know is if I could make the files appear inside Windows Explorer like the network shares (eg. \\ What protocol is needed for this case? Is it smb (samba)?

I am also a little confused about Bonjour. Will Bonjour be useful in conjunction with the http server scheme I am using?

My goal is to provide a convenient way for users to access these files from Windows as well as OS X.



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Since you already have an http server implemented you may want to read up on WebDAV and see if you can extend CocoaHttpServer to support it. Would be a fun project.

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