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I do it like iPhone BlueTooth transporting, but it has some problem.

For example, there are 2 iphones: A and B

Both Press "Search Devices" button, then start to search devices, after getting others, display the target devices list view.

On A iPhone, press the target device name(here is B iPhone), display a waitting view; And on B iPhone, display a "decide" view with "accept" and "cancel" button.

if B iPhone select "accept", the "decide" view dismiss, start data transport(in my app, it is same as click "cancel" button); and the same time, on A iphone, the waitting view dismissed.

But! On both devices, in target devices list,

If A and B both press target device name at the same time,and on "decide" view of one device, after press "Cancel" button, some times, the "exc_bad_access" error happend.

The error happend at WifiDeviceListController.m line87

Does any one can help me?

Thank you very much~~

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