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I've got a matrix A=magic(4) and wish to plot the values using plot3(1:4,1:4,A,'ks'). But that plots everything on the diagonal and not where they actually are relative to the other values in the matrix. How do I do that? I'm sure it's pretty easy but I'm new to matlab.

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possible duplicate of Line plots in Matlab. Duplicate user, near duplicate question. – Jonas Jul 5 '10 at 4:23

You can use MESHGRID to generate matrices for the X and Y coordinates of the plotted points:

[X,Y] = meshgrid(1:4);  %# X and Y are each 4-by-4 matrices, just like A
plot3(X,Y,A,'ks');      %# Make a 3-D plot of the points

You could also plot a surface instead of a set of points using the function SURF, in which case the need to use MESHGRID to generate the X and Y coordinates is optional:

surf(X,Y,A);      %# Use the 4-by-4 matrices from MESHGRID
surf(1:4,1:4,A);  %# Pass 1-by-4 vectors instead
surf(A);          %# Automatically uses 1:4 for each set of coordinates
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@gnovice would be my answer.

I'll add that sometimes a simple imagesc is nice for visualizing a matrix:

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